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As a gamer and therapist, I use my background to help gamers with their struggles.  My hope is that gamers who want to change and improve their lives can try therapy with someone who won't judge their gaming habits.

Together, we can collaborate on what your values are, discovering meaning in a meaningless life, and creating sustainable changes to make progress towards your goals.

Now more than ever, video games can be a tool to build social, communication, self-regulation, and conflict resolution skills.  At a deeper level, video games can be the setting where trauma can be processed, worked through, and expressed. 

Similar to expressive art activities, video games can be telehealth's digital canvas, where people can better express their thoughts, feelings, and needs.  People who struggle to express themselves can find a voice through video game characters and activities. 

Creative forms of expression such as singing, acting, sports, writing, etc. give voices to people help express the intensity and depth held within.  Video games can be another expressive activity, in a more accessible and digital form.

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The Struggle:

During these isolating and stressful times, people have been struggling with the weight of their shame, fear, anger, and sadness.  The constant drain of being at war with their thoughts has led to an extra burden to carry, on top of the ever-growing to-do list people feel buried under.

Trying to suppress negative/difficult emotions has led to these heavy feelings of hopelessness and worry compounding over time, leaving people in deeper holes to crawl out of.

Video game counseling was born out of necessity during the COVID19 pandemic to effectively engage with gamers, by meeting them where they're at. Many people have become more comfortable opening up in telehealth and teletherapy sessions, leading to better outcomes therapy.

To help create a space away from difficult and turbulent environments, I provide counseling to help people work through their stuckness, avoidance, anger, shame, and sadness.  If you've struggled to make significant and lasting changes, I can help you implement effective strategies that can fit your specific needs.

You may want to start working on your academic and career goals. Or, you've felt held back by your own insecurities, self-esteem issues, and fear of trusting others to avoid being hurt again.

How I can Help You:

My goal is to help you overcome your struggles and teach you the tools to take your life back. We can address the issues that keep holding you back, such as feeling stuck, avoidance, overthinking, low motivation, and unfulfilling relationships.  

You will be able to whittle away at their "to-do" list, increase your ability to connect with others, and reawaken those bright aspirations that have withered away. 

We'll work together to see how to address those issues linked to external events, such as toxic relationships, family & work stress, and discrimination/prejudice.  Or, the issues may be occurring within you, in the form of self-sabotage, addiction, avoidance, and self-doubt.

Your mental health struggles can also manifest when difficult emotions are suppressed, such as shame, fear, anger, sadness, and hopelessness. You'll learn how to be more open to these difficult experiences, leading to feelings of ease.

Build Healthy Video Game Habits:

If balancing video games in your life has made it hard to complete your work, make time for family, and reach your potential, I can help you develop healthier habits to bring balance there.  Poor control over video game usage can compound over time, becoming a force out of one's control, leading to low grades, low drive, withdrawal, and anger.

People use the term video game addiction to describe when a person isn't moving towards their life goals, due to their video game habits.  I have a hard time using the label "video game addiction", since addiction brings stigma and can point the finger only at the video games, without looking at other psychological, biological, and social factors at play.  

I want to look at the whole person, not just look at the surface to see what drives a person to play video games at the cost of other areas of their life.  I want to see how a person got to that place, collaborate to hear their story, and developed strategies to help build a healthier and balanced life.

My Approach:
I'm here to listen non-judgmentally and with a supportive ear. I want to help you overcome your struggles and build the tools you need to take your life back. You're seeking therapy or counseling to build a healthier life, and I want to help make that happen for you.

As a gamer and a therapist, I strive to create a space for you to freely express yourself, build insight, and use those discoveries to make meaningful changes. Video game counseling can be a fun, engaging, and safe place for you to explore your emotions and learn new healthy coping skills along the way.  Through our work together, we can build the life you've envisioned for yourself. 

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Therapy For Gamers

The rewards from gaming can come at the price of our relationships, finances, and careers goals.  As gaming takes over, the "to-do" list grows longer,  connection with others diminishes, & aspirations start withering away. Suppression of negative/difficult emotions such as shame, fear, anger, sadness, and hopelessness compound over time, leaving gamers in a deeper hole to crawl out of. I want to help you overcome your struggles and teach you the tools to take your life back.

Professional eSport Gamers

Video Game Consulting For Therapists

Some clients feel closed off initially in session, so engaging in an activity like a video game or art activity can help them open up. Video games in session have also been a creative medium for clients to better process their thoughts, feelings, and actions as they relate to things happening in the moment.  Learn more about integrating your clinical skills with evidence based practices (EBP) to further facilitate the therapeutic process with your clients.

Business Consultation

Children And Adolescent Counseling

Childhood and Adolescence can be turbulent stages to navigate through.  Navigating difficult social scenes while stressing over the school and future career aspirations can be overwhelming.  When emotional issues such as stress, worry, sadness, sleeplessness, and unhealthy relationships take over, it's hard to know what to do. Some of the unhealthier coping mechanisms that manifest from unaddressed emotional difficulties may include aggressive behaviors towards others, alcohol or drug use, separation difficulties, self-harm, self-criticism, and negative feelings about themselves.

Diversity Students

Counseling For Adults

I'd like to create a space for you to freely express yourself, build insight, and use those discoveries to make meaningful changes.

We'll work collaboratively in integrating counseling techniques to fit your needs and meet you where you're at. We can work together to address your issues.


Over the years, I've learned different skills to address the anxiety, depression, and trauma that have kept clients from living the life they knew they could have, much like you.

With counseling, maybe you will be able to say that you are more aware of your problems and how to deal with them. Even just getting one step closer to knowing what you want in life and what actions to take, would be a great thing to see.

Featured In:

The Washington Post, " My kids' Roblox obsession drove me crazy-until I joined them." 

Click here for the link to the article.

In this article, I had the pleasure of talking about the benefits of therapists and parents using video games like Roblox to build better relationships with kids.

Since the COVID19 quarantine started in March, I struggled to connect with the kids and teens I help, leading to a lack of engagement, frustration, and cancellations. Once I started using video games in play therapy, there was a huge spike in my team's ability to provide therapy to help kids emotionally process their difficult feelings in the age of telehealth.

El Estoque, "Game-changing therapy"

I was interviewed by Brian Xu, a Monta Vista High School senior and editor of El Estoque (their student newspaper) where I talked about how video games have helped my clients overcome their barriers in therapy. We also talked about how to help students gain control over their video game habits, to bring balance to their busy lives.

To read and listen to the interview, click here: https://elestoque.org/2020/12/16/opinion/game-changing-therapy/